This course will cover the the following subjects: ACI 332 - Footers & Walls - Discussing the requirements when using stepped / jump footers. How to achieve a continuous footing without using formed jumps. Includes the design for rebar placement and anchors. Superior Wall Inspections - Focusing on why/how the systems work and what an inspector should be on the lookout for. Frost Protection Shallow Footers - How using insulation properly sized and place can reduce the depth of your foundation.

Course Objectives

  1. The student will be familiar with the various terms used Residential Structural Concrete construction.
  2. The student will be able to identify different footers, wall and floors such as, Continuous footer, non-Continuous footer, Jump footers, ICF walls, Pour walls, footer to wall connections, Lintel beams and pre engineer wall systems.
  3. The student will be able to inspect Residential Structural Concrete Construction using ACI 332-08-10 and the IRC-2015 codes.

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